HardieDeck System Decking board 19X196X3000mm

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HardieDeck System Decking board 19X196X3000mm
A durable deck that won't rot or splinter and resists termites. Build a stunning deck for entertaining and remove rotting, warping and splintering problems. Replace your sun or moisture damaged timber deck with HardieDeck. An exceptionally durable cement-based decking that’s resistant to damage from UV rays, rot, moisture and termites when installed and maintained correctly. Installation is fast and easy. And there’s the extra benefit of hidden screws. Ideal around pools, in bush fire zones and for low to the ground decks. Stable fibre cement boards require less staining and maintenance. Save on labour costs, install in up to half the time of a timber deck. Can be stained or painted in a wide range of stylish colours. Resists damage from cracking, splintering, rot, moisture & termites*. HardieDeck Decking looks great in its natural state, or can be stained to look just like timber or painted a stylish colour. And as HardieDeck Decking is more durable than timber, re-painting or re-staining can be done less often. The HardieDeck system must be installed using the 3 main components; the HardieDeck Board, Double Winged Base Jointer and Snap-in Top Strip. The system width is 210mm.

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